03 : About me

Early Life

Born on 9th July 2002 in Ankara, Turkey. Since I was just a little kid, I have always wanted to become an inventor. Getting my hands dirty and imagining and creating things was my passion. When I was 8, I invented my first significant project, Bul-Bul. It was designed to locate an object in the house by giving the exact location of the item on the map of the house. I was quite a messy kid, and I lost my stuff every once in a while. I won first prize at my school's science fair with this invention. I have kept my designs and inventions in my book. The best thing about studying EEE is that I can implement those designs in real life! I love robotics and artificial intelligence since they enable me to do great stuff.


From kindergarden to highschool, I was studied at METU Foundation Schools. I participated in many activities and competitions there. Some of the many are annual science fairs, voluntary social works, sports tournaments, and choir festivals(national & international). However, the most significant was my summer research internship at the Mechanical Engineering Department at Koc University. There I got accustomed to 3d modeling and design, and they became one of my long-lasting passions.

Currently, I'm a Senior EEE student at Bilkent University. I'm an undergraduate researcher at Bilkent Miniature Robotics Lab and Learning For Intelligent Robotic Agents Lab. I worked as a tutor for PHYS102 and EEE212 Microprocessors courses. Besides academic work, I have been an active member of the Bilkent Young Entrepreneur Society and Bilkent TDP. In TDP, we organized an event with middle school children in Kars, to which we played educational games together.


Playing Volleyball, Singing, Gaming, Electronics, 3d Modelling, RC Vehicles